MIFAC Events in the Community

Art in Bloom

May 18 to 28 at The Old School House in Qualicum Beach the members are teaming up with art pieces and interperting each with a matching floral arrangement. Come and see the wonderful art that will be on display.

Lonely Bouquets for Adoption

In June 2016 MIFAC members creat bouquets of flowers that are placed in different areas within Oceanside. Each containes a note asking to be "adopted". Sites included banks, park benches and nursing homes. If you adopte a bouquet please let us know by sending an email to mifaclub2000@gmail.com  Check our Facebook page to read some of the responses.

Art and Photography in the Garden - in August at Milner Gardens and Woodland

Wonder through Milner Gardens and Woodland and enjoy several members creations in the house and around the garden. There will be several local artists showing their works in the garden as well.

Forest Fantasies - a Celebration of Magic and Mystery found in the Woodlands at Milner Gardens.  Sept. 2016

This year the MIFAC group project will be to create a Forest Fantasy Flower Garden. Members interested in participating in this part of Forest Fantasies can create a flower of their choice. Flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours made out of plant material will be displayed at the beginning of the east trail close to the Welcome Interpretive Centre.

Flowers for the Tea room at Milner.

Members volunteer every week over the summer to arrange flowers for the tea room at Milner Gardens.

Gala will be in 2017, so keep this in mind details will be posted as they are determined.

Christmas Wreath Fundraiser

Early in November, MIFAC members design wreaths that are displayed at The Old School House in Qualicum Beach. The wreaths are then sold by silent auction with proceeds supporting local charities.



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MIFAC in the Community